Fragments of time

 Fragments of time I remember as one   P A S T in one picture merging into  the present moment   Things changed I remain   Hours pass Flares of bliss reconnecting the fragments echoing into currents of sparkles.   Sparkles of life Fountains of youth  refilling my cells with vibrating light that is God. […]

Poem on skepticism


Skepticstrangle the moment Skepticrape my faith Skeptictorture your soul Skeptic kill our love Skeptic beauty shattered Skepticclosed Openheart smiles Openchange starts Openlove grows. OpenGod is.

Galactic venes


After a long creative break I am now sharing a new poem with you: Galactic venes Rendering to forms of imperfectionwobbling along stellar pathwaysOur galactic venes made of love Venes of lovebodies of greedIn deed we are mezmerisedin need for some specialisedrainbow doveaboverecreatingintimidating truthsof emanating love. Emanating Love From our hearts – which are so tranquilised […]