love goes far

Many think love is relationship Yet love is our inner nature deciding for love is deciding to become ourselves love can mean giving someone what he needs to create solutions being a friend to someone when he’s in need meet situations with an open heart black and white, red and yellow any culture, beyond religion […]

Real healing

Real healing is beyond words. Intellect cannot heal. Doctors cannot heal All those blocked channelscannot be freed by words.  All those past eventscannot be washed away by pills or therapies. Healing comes when we are ready. to acceptto heal. ready for Graceready for love until then we can only trick ourselvesinto words and worldsof illusion and escape love healsit empties your […]

Motivation and Meaning


Whatever we dois fueled by the intensityof our connectionto truth and love  If we live a life full of motivationfull of lovefull of joyfull of strengtheverything we dohas powerhas inspirationcomes from a creative placewithinfrom the source of all stars  if we have caused and experienced too much painand sufferingwe have blocked our heart and blockedour […]