Living on a tiny daily budget

Is it possible to live on 1 US dollar a day or even less? Yes! If you are interested to know more read this great article about real life experiences in Cambodia and beyond: Living from less than one dollar a day

Free ebook about Happy Children by the Cyberspace Ashram released


This new ebook Happy Children gives every reader an idea how happy children can be if not over protected by adults. It beautifully illustrates the different aspects of a happy child’s life and how adults can contribute to it.   The eBook Happy Children is part of the full compressed version SpiritualTreasures available for free torrent download […]

Free ebook about Organic Farm and Gardening by the Cyberspace Ashram released


As of now two a new ebook from the Cyberspace Ashram is released. The ebook Organic Farm and Gardening shares the authors experience as born farmer son after decades of work and travel around the world. It provides profound insights and useful hints about owning your own piece of land and taking care of it in a […]