“Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” as shared for all free to use by Cyberspace Ashram


Now the offline version of the late Cyberspace Ashram website www.kriyayoga.com that was online from 1997 till 2012. These freely available gifts of love from God have changed my life and I am deeply grateful for this treasure that is now available to all for free use. The only rule to follow when using or forwarding […]

Transcendental experience – How a cappuccino revealed the power that lies in the moment


AsI focussed on the cappucino in front of me everything around me seemed to vanish. A perfectly crafted cup of white ceramic. Generations handed down the knowledge about crafting this solid white beauty so that I could enjoy it. My spoon scrapes off a bit of the chocolate covered foamed milk and as I taste […]

Goals and values in life – how I found my goal and what is important to me

When I was a child and teenager I didn’t really know what to achieve in life. Like most I had some phantasies about possibly adventurous professions such as inventor, emergency doctor or astronaut. However no material goals seemed to really motivate me and even though I knew that work is necessary I had no real […]