Calderon dolphins slaughter in Feroe Iland in Denmark


Every year young men in Feroe Iland in Denmark go through the process of becoming a real man by slaughtering Calderon dolphins. The sea is stained in bloody red and thats not because of an oil spill this time - it is only because of human cruelty. The Calderon dolphins are a very human friendly nearly extinct dolphin species. Look what we are doing ...   … [Read more...]

Oil in the Gulf

  I just read that calculations have been wrong. Scientists now estimate that not 800 000 l but 4 to 12.7 million liters come out of the BP-hole each day.Now listen to this: they used chemicals on the surface to dissolve the oilBUT according to the New York Times they fear that since they started doing this the oil has become heavier due to some chemical reaction. So guess what. It does not rise to the surface anymore.   Some other scientists now discovered one 16km x 5km x … [Read more...]